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JackBurbank - Writer

Business Writing
Creative Writing


The Creative Side

After spending countless hours on airplanes and in hotels, devouring hundreds of novels, it seemed an interesting challenge to turn to writing a few of my own stories.
And that it was.  Interesting and challenging.  Interesting in that life will never be the same.  No longer do I look at life at face value.  Everything I witness, everyone I meet and every place I go pose stories, characters and backgrounds.  No one will ever be entirely safe around me again.

The Business Side

As interesting as creative writing is, the challenge goes beyond creating a good story.  The main challenge is how to support my habit while the public is off discovering me.  What habit?  The dirty little habit that seems to haunt most players of creative arts:  eating.
So I offer my services, with almost thirty years of experience, to any who need ad-copy, SEO web content, press releases, resumes, etc., etc.  And since I'm desperate to feed my habit, I sell myself at street-value.  Quite reasonable for the quality you get.
Just don't expect me to always be available to service you in the future.  When the public discovers my creative talent, I'm outta here.

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Writing for business, I've created promotional pieces for my Snap-Trak, acoustical system of stretch-fabric.  Home theaters need the acoustical treatment created wtih Snap-Trak and my promotional pieces highlight the benefits of stretch fabric for panels or acoustical panles

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