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JackBurbank - Writer

Business Writing

Business Writing
Creative Writing

Over 25 Years Experience

From Home Theaters to Acoustics...
Through the years, I've built several businesses in various industries.  All were built through strong marketing efforts and self-written promotions, catalogues and releases.
The Home Theater industry, the fastest growing industry in the country for almost a decade, was my primary market.  With a patented stretch-fabric system used pimarily for acoustics and acoustical panels to my credit, three businesses were developed that have served this and other industries well.
Promotional Materials Developed:
 -  Catalogues
 -  Technical Manuals
 -  Instructional Manuals
 -  Brochures
 -  Store Dislplays
 -  Web Design & SEO Content Pages
 -  Press Rleases
 -  PowerPoint Presentations
 -  Trade Show Displays
Work beyond the home theater industry and acoustical industry is certainly within my capability.  Try me for a simple layout & design or any other one-time project.  You'll probably want me for more.
Home Theaters, acoustics, acoustical panels, home theater design, stretch-fabric acoustics - it's all within my experience.  Snap-Trak and Snap-Texor were acoustical products of my design that are still used in home theaters for acoustics and acoustical panels.

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